Why Do Women Prefer Large Penises Are They Better For Sex Or Are There Other Reasons

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More than 50% of men have had more sperm after the surgery is performed.Varicocele. Varicocele is enlarged veins in the scrotum, very similar to varicose veins. This raises the testes' temperature which negatively affects the production of sperm. A physical exam can help detect this problem and surgery is often recommended to repair the varicocele. More than 40% of men go on to impregnate their partner within two years after surgery is performed.Sperm allergy. Although this is a bit unusual, there are men who have this problem. The body can produce antibodies which can kill the sperm and this commonly happens after a vasectomy is done.

Other instances when this happens are during testicular torsion, trauma and infection. For Shoot Ropes who have this problem, the possible solutions are artificial insemination and ART or assisted reproductive technologies.Unexplained fertility problems. Aside from fertility issues which have been identified, there are also fertility problems which cannot be explained. This happens when doctors cannot pinpoint the cause of the problem. According to some experts, it could be the toxins in the environment; however, there are still no direct links between fertility problems and environmental toxins. Often, the best solution for this is a variety of fertility drugs. Fertility drugs can increase sperm production and when combined with artificial insemination, it can produce a success rate of up to 40%.