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In his thinking on this, Flanagan has partly been influenced by Myisha Cherry's and others' work on anger as a force for social change. I want to push back against the idea that we should narrow the emotional range of our lives by rejecting empathy and anger. My main thought was just this: do an essay for me Empathy and anger are part of the rich complexity of our emotional lives, intrinsically valuable insofar as having rich emotional lives is intrinsically valuable. Some people pointed out that the anger of the oppressed is particularly worth cultivating -- and that there may even be whole communities of oppressed people who feel too little anger. Do you find it hard to create an essay writer out of disorganised research? Find some information to support those points and write that down. Talk your family and find out how they can make studying easier far you. The most important thing is to make your readers understand, yes, but you do not want to bore them out. do an essay for me