The reality star Hojoong admits illegal athletics gambling I will not necessarily repeat the same mistake

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Singer Kim Ho-joong admitted to help outlawed sports betting within the past and apologized.

According to 이베일, a famous sports betting site, On the 19th, Hojoong .k posted a article in the fan coffee shop in addition to mentioned, "I'm so my apologies to folks of Aris. I actually bowed my head plus really excuse for exactly what We did for virtually any explanation. I apologize for hurting everyone who supports everyone. I apologize. "

Hojoong Kim said, "I is going to acknowledge myself to the mistakes We made just before and will certainly not do the same mistakes later in life. As there are enthusiasts who adore and care for myself nowadays, I will work harder together with harder. We sincerely excuse again. My spouse and i will give you. "

On this same day, an leisure official who else showed typically the idea of the business said in a cell phone call having CBS Nocut News the fact that "Sports Toto (legitimate) with a convenience store was used for a new small amount, and previous director Kwon's close sibling, Cha, recommended that a person can do (Sports Toto) on the net. I failed to understand this was unlawful on first, but later explained he or she knew it. ”

This individual said, "I have always been so sorry for those which believe (Illegal gambling) and i also am so remorseful. Later on, We will are living considerably more truly while satisfying. inch

Earlier, at some sort of fan coffeehouse run by means of Kim Ho-joong's former office manager, suspicions have already been raised that will Kim Ho-joong has already been gambling illegally during the past.

Activities Toto (the to election for sports promotion) is definitely the only sports betting that is legally operated within the National Sports activities Advertising Act, and other personal sports betting sites usually are unlawful.

Singer Kim Ho-joong, who took the last 4th place in the TELEVISION Chosun amusement show'Mr. Trot', which was loved that year, held a solo fan meeting'for the very first time inside our family' regarding two days through the 14th.